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Significant Streets

      Furniture Mall  
    Furniture MalFamous for selling Buddhist artifacts and furniture, Sanmin Road has a history of over 100 years. Recently, a modern mall has been built there to create more opportunities for this historic road. Fongshan City Office has applied for funding to the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs; and the Sanmin Road Furniture Mall Development Project has been completed to accomplish the townscape renaissance together with locals.

    A famous furniture street in southern Taiwan, the road is about 600m long, spreading between Shuangcih Pavilion and the intersection of Samin Road and Jhongshan Road. There are many historical buildings on the road that are worthy of conservation.

    The Sanmin Road Reengineering Project has been fully completed:

    1.Store beautification and improvement
    2.Street lamp renewal
    3.Road greening
    4.Parking re-planning and beautification
    5.Greening of peripheral areas
    6.Creation of opportunities and promotion of local prosperity

      Datie (Blacksmith) Street  
    Datie (Blacksmith) StreetThe street was a small lane near the minor east gate for easy access to the city. It is the only pass for people sailing from China to enter Fongshan City. As the area near the minor east gate of the city was bustling in the past, immigrants from Tangshan brought with them various tools for making a living. However, to avoid the trouble from carrying bulk tools, some simple ran stores near the ferry at the minor east gate, and the blacksmith was the most popular business.

    In an agricultural society where modern metallurgical techniques were unavailable, blacksmith was a business of good profits. In the heydays, there were more than 13 blacksmith stores in the area. Therefore, this lane was called the Datie Street after WWII. However, traditional industries gradually declined at modern technology advanced. Today, there are only six blacksmith stores continuing their business on Datie Street.