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Food and Drink

     Fongyi Noodles
    Fongyi Noodles  Fongyi Noodles came first in the "Discover Fongshan Cuisine" competition. There are 4 dishes served in the shop and all of them are remarkably unique. Rice cakes are soft and chewy, Sihshen (four spirits) soup with its thick and strong aroma, Taiwanese meatballs stuffed with solid fillings, and their most popular thin noodles are packed with pork lumps, all of which are delicious indeed.
     Q's Desserts
    Q's Desserts  Q's Desserts is loved amongst college students. They serve desserts like grass jello, green tea jello, taro balls, and sweet potato balls. You may choose pearl barley, red beans, and fresh cream to mix together or with other ingredients. The House Special is a combination of all the ingredients, which is also the most popular dish.
     ong's Stinky Tofu
    ong's Stinky Tofu  he most popular dish of Yong's is their "Special Tofu Rolls" and with the light texture, it is especially popular among office workers. "Yong's Ingots" is a must for children too. The owner is very friendly and his service combined with passion has brought him fame and favorable comments in the area.
     Jhih Ming Peanut Candy
    Jhih Ming Peanut Candy  Datie Street, a small street near Dongbian Gate, was an important gathering place for the hand tool industry in the old days. Today there are still a handful of blacksmiths operating and maintaining the traditional technique of forging.
     Mu Lun Peanut Candy
    Mu Lun Peanut Candy

    Opened for 17 years, Mulun is a good place for buying gifts. The most popular candies are the crunchy Almond Brittle Candy, Peanut Candy, and Sesame Candy. The candies are made with the best sweetness and do not stick to your teeth!

     Countryside Traditional Tofu pudding
    Countryside Traditional Tofu pudding  This shop uses the perfect ratio of soy beans and water to make the traditional flavor of tofu puddings. Taro is a popular dish here for its fragrant and chewy texture. Red bean tofu puddings have smooth, thick texture, and just the right taste of sweetness. They are extremely delicious!
     Luo's Sinying Bean Sprout Noodles
    Luo's Sinying Bean Sprout Noodles  Open for more than 18 years, the store's specialty of Bean Sprout Noodles has a secret of mixing garlic soy sauce and produces a smooth taste. The crowded customers inside the restaurant is the best proof of the store's great success.
     Hong Kong Style Stinky Tofu
    Hong Kong Style Stinky Tofu  Opened for a little more than a year, Hong Kong Style Sticky Tofu is very famous in the Cingnian Night Market. The owner, Wen-tzung Lai, fries tofu in a way that maintains the tenderness and softness of the inner part, and the combination of crispy skin and special smell is simply irresistible!
     Dragon Phoenix House Restaurant
    Dragon Phoenix House Restaurant  Dragon Phoenix House Restaurant presents their food with an exotic taste, which is rare in the area. The interior of this restaurant is cozy and comfortable yet elegant and sophisticated, an excellent place for a banquet or a gathering of friends.
     New Taiwanese Original
    New Taiwanese Original  W hen you walk in the restaurant, you are immediately attracted by the Traditional Taiwanese flavors which stimulate your appetizer . The master chef is an experienced catering expert. A wide range of traditional dishes on the menu offers choices like pork fat rice, which contains the tasty memories for the elderly.