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Organization & Functions

     The Office consists of 8 sections/offices, including Civil Affairs Section, Economic Development Section, Military Service Section, Social Affairs Section, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting Office and Government Ethics Office
    fongshan organizational chart
    ! Civil Affairs Section *
    Self-government, election, mediation administration, land administration, health insurance, community administration, burial and cemetery management, environment and health, compulsory education, civil defense and aboriginal affairs, and other matters related to civil affairs.
    ! Economic Development Section *
    Market, industrial & commerce, weights and measures, finance & tax, witness & notarization, public works, public utilities, agriculture, forestry, fishery and farming survey, agricultural promotion, regeneration of farm villages, and maintenance of road lights.
    ! Military Service Section *
    Military service, national guard management, conscription, military duty and reserve force management.
    ! Social Affairs Section *
    Social welfare, labor administration, cooperative business, social relief, disaster relief, social movement, employment guidance, community development and guidance to civil organizations.
    ! Secretariat *
    Research, development and evaluation, official seal, paperwork, archiving, general affairs, laws & regulations, information management, cashier, meeting, convenient services, and any matters other than those handled by the other sections/offices.
    ! Accounting Office *
    Processing of budgets, accounting and statistics pursuant to laws.
    ! Personnel Office *
    Processing of personnel management matters pursuant to laws.
    ! Government Ethics Office *
    Processing of government ethics-related matters pursuant to laws.
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