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Food and Drink

     Wu's Chinese Cakes
    Wu's Chinese Cakes  The 70-year-old Wu's Cakes is the oldest and the best Chinese wedding cake store in Kaohsiung. Green Bean Cakes and Yuan Yang (Mandarin Duck) Chinese Cake are the most famous products here!
     Hang Jhen Ge Bakery
    Hang Jhen Ge Bakery  The owner as well as the chef of Hang Chin Ge Bakery has had 30 years of experience making Chinese cakes. The most famous product in his shop is the "Chinese Cheese Cake", which won the "Excellent Foods Review Golden Medal" awarded by the Executive Yuan.
     Jung Jie Juice Bar
    Bo Ai Foods  Bo Ai Foods has been in business for 34 years and it sells grains featured for healthy and nutrient assorted wheat. The best selling product is the Assorted Milk Powder, which is made of 31 different kinds of wheat.
     Fongshan Salty Rice Pasta
    Fongshan Salty Rice Pasta  For 39 years, Fongshan Salty Rice Pasta is most famous for its Rice Pasta which is made with indica rice, stored for over a year. The purely hand-made, cooked on traditional stove and by woods has preserved its original smell and taste of rice that captured the customers' heart for years.
     Wong Guan Beef Noodles
    Wong Guan Beef Noodles  With 50 years of history, the first owner was from Anhuei Province, mainland China. He kept the noodle techniques learned from his hometown and combined the Szchuan Province (China) style, the owner successfully created delicious stewed beef noodles which people love to eat!
     Ya Rou Shing's Duck
    Ya Rou Shing's Duck  Ya Rou Shing is a 30-year-old duck based restaurant. Tender and juicy, the duck meat carries a smoked aroma. Nowadays, it is not only loved by the locals but accepts orders for island-wide delivery.
     Szchuan Beef Noodles
    Szchuan Beef Noodles  Szchuan Beef Noodles, with 55 years of history, is well known by the local senior residents of Fongshan. The beef uses fresh leg meat and sinew broiled in leg bone stew, having a loving taste
     Fongshan Sticky Rice King Street Vendor
    Fongshan Sticky Rice King Street Vendor  The owner follows the ancient recipe to present sticky rice with tasty mushrooms and pork. The secret is to use the Chinese Cypress barrel for steaming and draws the aroma out of the rice and ingredients.
     Tainan Shao Nan Chicken Leg & Pork Rib King
    Tainan Shao Nan Chicken Leg & Pork Rib King  There is a variety of lunch box selling in this restaurant. There are Chicken Wings with rice, Three-Cup Chicken with rice, Fried Chicken Breast with rice, Sirloin over rice, Japanese Pork Chop with rice…up to 18 different lunch boxes!
     Chih Jiao Lin Boneless Chicken Rice
    Chih Jiao Lin Boneless Chicken Rice  Chih Jiao Lin Chicken has opened in Fongshan for over 30 years and used the freshest ingredients from Kaohsiung County. Marinated Fried Tofu, Marinated Intestines and Bamboo Shoots are frequent ordered by customers as the favorite side dishes.