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Food and Drink

     *Yi Shin Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant
    Yi Shin Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant  * Opened 14 years ago, the restaurant's main feature, Veggie Chop with rice, was invented by the owner himself. Another best selling dish was dubbed "the best wonton in Fongshan".
     *Da De Veggie For Veggies
    Da De Veggie For Veggies  * The owner has 9 years of vegetarian banquet experience and emphasizes only providing the most natural and healthy vegetarian dishes for his customers. The restaurant's excellent reputation brought in many non-vegetarians and is one of the favorite places for the senior vegetarians.
     *Nan Tai Spring Rolls
    Nan Tai Spring Rolls  * Nan Tai Spring Rolls is run by a family for 70 years of history. Their spring roll is famous of abundant stuffing, such as cabbage, bean sprouts, sliced meat, eggs, powdered peanut candy, etc. Add a thin, chewy layer of spring roll skin made of corn starch, and it´ll be the tastiest dish you've ever had!
     *Chen Yuan Vol-au-vent & Congee
    Chen Yuan Vol-au-vent & Congee  * The owne insisting in using fresh and relatively more expensive ingredients, started his business with Pickled Cabbage Pork Stew. Now, serving Northern China pastry (such as bread, noodles, etc) and variety dishes from all parts of China, his cuisine is enjoyed and loved by many customers.
     *Rou Yuan Jin's Jang Hua Mushroom Meatballs
    Rou Yuan Jin's Jang Hua Mushroom Meatballs  * Rou Yuan Jin's meatball is famous of its crystal like appearance and chewy taste. With the wonderful taste of juicy tender ham inside, one bite of the meatball will take your breath away.