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Food and Drink

     *Shih's Peking Duck
    Shih's Peking Duck Open for over 25 years, the shop owner insists on choosing juicy, tender ducks for its customer. Ducks are marinated in homemade Chinese medicine formula for 6 hours, giving it a smooth and fragrant texture before put into oven.
     *Yu Chuan Vegetarian BBQ
    Q's Desserts In order to benefit vegetarians, the shop owner opened Kaohsiung's first vegetarian BBQ. There are more than 40 different kinds of materials that are available for you to select and with reasonable price. It is loved by non-vegetarians too.
     *Chi Ji Fried Salty Chicken
    Chi Ji Fried Salty Chicken Other than your normal fried chicken, there are also a lot of different flavors for chicken breast filets. Using fresh chicken that is tender and juicy to mixed with different types of pepper, this mouth watering taste will surely astound you.
     *You Yue Hau's Chr Shan Steamed Cake Store
    You Yue Hau's Chr Shan Steamed Cake Store Fongshan Chr Shan Cake is famous all over Taiwan but Yue Hau You's Chr Shan Steamed Cake Store is the most famous among them. Various steamed cakes are made in a traditional way according to ancient recipe.
     *Tsun’s Goose Meat Restaurant
    Tsun’s Goose Meat Restaurant Made by their own factory, Tsun's Goose Restaurant's smoked and juicy goose has been popular and loved by customers for the past 25 years. The goose meat is salty and with a tint of sweetness that you can't find else where.
     *Liangbo Mutton
    Liangbo Mutton With more than 50 years history, this local restaurant is known to most nearby residents. The 2nd-generation owner enhanced its menu by providing 14 different flavors of mutton stir-fry. With terrific flavor and reasonable price, the business is booming still.
     *South Taiwan Milkfish Congee
    South Taiwan Milkfish Congee This 50-year-old breakfast stall is well-known to local residents. Its soup base contains broth and fish stock making it sweet and thick that is available even for midnight snacks.
     *Wandan Red Bean Cakes
    Wandan Red Bean Cakes Red Bean Cakes is made with top-notch ingredients. The outside layer is crispy with milk flavor and the inside fillings is smooth and mild. It is popular and loved by both children and adults.
     *Rihpin Sushi
    Fongshan Caffeine-free Tea House Rihpin's creative flavors of hand-made sushi at a reasonable price attracts office workers around. Open from 5am till 8pm, the shop's sushi is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
     *Yi Shuen Fried Pork Crisps
    Yi Shuen Fried Pork Crisps Opened for 37 years, Yi Shuen ma inly focuses on pork-based products such as Pork Jerky, Chinese Sausages, Dried Shredded Pork, etc. There are special developed flavors such as Spicy Lemon, Green Tea and Curry.